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About Us



Chiang Mai Montessori (CMM) is a small independent international school with a capacity of 250 students.


We have been offering an alternative to the mainstream international education system in Chiang Mai since 2010.


The campus is located in a quiet part of Hang Dong, 15 minutes’ drive south from Chiang Mai city centre.






Our three programs of learning follow an authentic Montessori system with mixed age groups in each class setting:



The Toddler Community is for children aged 18 months to three years


The Children’s House for three-to six-year-olds; And an elementary program is for six-to-twelves. 


Our elementary program is divided into two groups: a lower elementary for 6-9’s, and an upper elementary for 9 to 12’s.






The school year is based on an international calendar across two terms that runs from from August to June. We offer a summer camp in July each year which is open to any family who wants to apply.


All our programmes at CMM are conducted in English.