Chiangmai Montessori


independence to learn, freedom to grow,
time to explore

CMMIS is situated in the heart of the community in which the school director, Khun Aer, was born and raised.


AGE 1 to 3

toddler community

For many children, this is their first learning experience outside the home. In a Toddler community the child will learn how to relate to adults and other children…


AGE 3 to 6

children's house

As in all Montessori settings, the learning takes place at the learner’s pace, and the teaching adults monitor and record how each child interacts with the environment…


AGE 6 to 9

lower elementary

Montessori education arose from Dr. Maria Montessori’s detailed observations of children at different stages of their development. Its essence is to create an environment that allows…


AGE 9 to 12

upper elementary

Our elementary program provides a rich and extensive academic program which includes unlimited opportunities for students to develop socially and emotionally…

Our mission


Chiang Mai Montessori International School will respect each child’s unique potential, value diversity and the power of the learning community.  Our role is to help each child come into confident possession of his innate talents, improve the skills needed for success in school, and establish values that will allow him to act with thoughtfulness and humanity throughout life. 

A thriving, internationally recognised ‘AMI-traditioned’ Montessori school and teacher training facility – a child, family & community focused centre of learning, promoting Thai language, customs and values and helping to preserve the Lanna culture, knowledge and heritage for future generations.

meet the team

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Montessori education truly understands that children learn best and get more fulfillment from it when they are given the independence, freedom and time to do things for themselves.

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  • 229/1 M.6 Ban Royjan, Nong Kwai,
    Hang Dong, Chiang Mai,
    Thailand 50230
  • 084-616-6988 (Thai)
    099-372-9922 (English)