Chiangmai Montessori


Independence to Learn,
freedom to grow,
... time to explore!

A small international school and farm at the centre of the local community.


AGE 1 to 3

toddler community

A small, safe and warm community of toddlers who are restless explorers of their environment. Children are given their first taste of freedom and socializing with other children.


AGE 3 to 6

children's house

A group of up to 25 children of different ages, abilities, skills and experiences who learn from each other and love to teach. Math, Language, Life Skills, and so much more …


AGE 6 to 9

lower elementary

The elementary curriculum responds to the child’s developing powers of imagination and creativity and increasing interest in the world around them. 


AGE 9 to 12

upper elementary

Our elementary program provides a rich and extensive academic program which includes unlimited opportunities for students to develop socially and emotionally…



Our MISSION is to respect each child’s unique potential, value diversity, freedom and independence, and the power of the learning community.  Our role is to help each child come into possession of their innate talents, improve the skills needed for success and fulfillment, and nurture core community-focused values that will allow her (or him) to act with care, confidence and compassion throughout life.

Our VISION is of a thriving – ‘global thinking, local acting’ – child, family & community focused centre of learning. A school with a dynamic international appeal, preserving the skills and knowledge of Lanna culture and heritage for future generations. 

Our team

We have built an international team of staff – all experienced teachers, and childcare workers (many of whom parents of small children themselves) – who share a deep empathy and sense of duty towards nurturing our early learners. 


“If you keep your eyes open enough, oh, the stuff you will learn. Oh, the most wonderful stuff.” – Dr.Seuss

Montessori Education

Montessori education truly understands that children learn best and get more fulfillment from it when they are given the independence…

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  • 229/1 M.6 Ban Royjan, Nong Kwai,
    Hang Dong, Chiang Mai,
    Thailand 50230
  • 099-372-9922 (Thai)
    084-616-6988 (English)