We believe children are born

Montessori education truly understands that children learn best and get more fulfillment from it when they are given the independence, freedom and time to do things for themselves

We believe children are born pioneers! They are captivated by a sense of wonder for the world around them and want to explore it. Each one emerges into the world with an astonishing ability and desire to learn. They are natural inventors and innovators; insatiably curious and creative beings, with a passionate inquisitiveness that needs some freedom to feel, experiment, and discover.

Early learning is an effortless process and when we as teachers and parents allow ourselves to be guided by the child we get to see nature – and indeed the world around us – full of colour, intrigue, mystery and limitless potential.

Children easily become frustrated if they are channeled down pre-designated paths of learning. They prefer to choose their own direction, make their own discoveries and, if anything, carve a trail that others may follow.

Montessori education is founded on these fundamental principles and was one of the first approaches to education that genuinely ‘follows the child’. Nowadays many, many schools incorporate elements of Montessori education into their daily practice because Dr. Montessori’s work on early education produced a series of groundbreaking insights into early learning and child psychology.

Even though other schools try to emulate Montessori in various ways the power of the complete system is practically unrivalled when practiced fully i.e. in a full Montessori curriculum. Indeed, Montessori is one of the only forms of education around today with a consistent proven ability to support and reinforce the child’s development of executive function – a suite of cognitive skills that helps us do things like Manage time; Pay attention; Switch focus; Plan and organize; Remember details; Do things based on experience; and Multitask.