Philosophy, Mission & Vision

Children are both our, and our society’s greatest asset.

As Montessori educators we are totally captivated by the passionate curiosity of early learning. Children have an insatiable appetite for discovery, and we believe our goal is to guide and nurture their enquiring minds to the best of our ability.

We believe the best learning happens within a ‘learning community’. Our motto is “Independence to learn, Freedom to grow … Time to Explore!”, and this is credo that applies as much to us and to our parents and families, as it does to the children.

Chiang Mai Montessori International School will respect each child’s unique potential, value diversity and the power of the learning community.

Our role is to help each child come into confident possession of his innate talents, improve the skills needed for success in school, and establish values that will allow him to act with thoughtfulness and humanity throughout life.

A thriving, internationally recognised ‘AMI-traditioned’ Montessori school and teacher training facility – a child, family & community focused centre of learning, promoting Thai language, customs and values and helping to preserve the Lanna culture, knowledge and heritage for future generations.

New Logo and School Spirit for 2018-19
Our School logo contains a lot of references the school and our location – you will see two logos around the place, one is an official registered image with the Ministry of Education (L), and the other is the graphic version (R), which you will see more.

About the School
CMMS is situated in the heart of the community in which the school director, Khun Aer, was born and raised.
We have built a big international team of staff - all experienced teachers, and childcare workers (many of whom parents of small children themselves) - who share a deep empathy and sense of duty towards nurturing our early learners. We employ the very best Montessori-trained teachers we can find to lead the classroom teams. Most of our lead teachers are AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) trained.
We are proud to consider ourselves among a group of innovative pioneering schools in South East Asia and this motivates us to be adventurous, innovative and creative in our mission to build the very best learning environment we possibly can.