A Cambridge curriculum with a creative difference …

Starting in January 2021, Magnolia Garden International School will be opening its doors in the beautiful grounds of Chiang Mai Montessori.

Offering a creative Cambridge curriculum that runs alongside Montessori, the school will focus on Year 1 (5 – 6 year olds) when it first opens, expanding every year after that.

This curriculum is an alternative to Montessori elementary and offers a primary level structured education in the core competencies of math, English and science, whilst offering a creative difference in the specifically designed ‘GREEN’ curriculum we call ‘Little Village.  The curriculum is designed to be future-focused, environmentally grounded with strong emphasis on sustainability, permaculture and entrepreneurial skills and hopes to develop students into innovative, problem-solving Global Citizens.

The Creative Program recognises the importance of English, Mathematics and Science as core subjects which form the foundation for lifelong learning but we also the understand the importance of  preparing children for a new world, where being a true Global Citizen is essential. With this in mind,  our program will have two parts. 

The first part, which runs in the morning, will follow the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and will be delivered in a holistic way so that students reach their full potential in these core subjects. 

The second part, which runs in the afternoon, follows a specifically designed GREEN curriculum we call ‘Little Village’ It will give children freedom to explore ideas within a cultivated learning environment.  This will be taught through thematic, hands-on projects that have both entrepreneurship and sustainability at the core.

We will follow the Cambridge Primary Curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science which will enable students to reach their full potential in these core subjects. 

Student’s will be given the tools to access the curriculum with the guidance of an experienced Cambridge teacher. We understand the value of student learning from doing and although this part of the program will be more structured, the students will be encouraged to learn at their own pace with the support of their peers and the teacher. 

Assessment will be formative and used to guide each child towards mastery

Children learn best through role play and free play where they figure things out for themselves and choose their own path, learning from what they do.

With that in mind, the second part of the program, which will take part in the afternoon, will follow a specifically designed ‘GREEN’ curriculum we call ‘Little Village’ and seeks to develop students into innovative, problem-solving Global Citizens. 

Throughout the year the class will be given specific challenges they need to solve in their ‘Little Village’. These challenges will be realistic to the real world and the solutions will be tailored to a more holistic learning experience which is concerned with the development of intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, spiritual and entrepreneurial capacities. It seeks to engage students in the learning process and encourages personal and shared responsibility. 

An important focus will be on developing young entrepreneurs. Student will be encouraged to make and sell things and then save what they earn in ‘Little Village’ to fund future projects. We aim for our learners to be sustainable in what they choose to do and think like entrepreneurs. 

The teachers will cultivate a learning environment which embeds specific learning objectives and allows the students to become active learners.

Email: mags@chiangmaimontessori.org

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