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Montessori Education

Learning that reflects real-life  

Montessori learning environments are mini communities of mixed age children. The younger children learn from the older ones, while the older children get to practice their skills by teaching the younger ones. A broad range of academic and social skills are acquired in a safe, nurturing and harmonious atmosphere, where the teachers view each child as an individual with unlimited potential, rather than a one member of a group of similar peers.

Learning beyond the classroom

We believe that children construct their personalities from their interactions with their environment. The more children interact with their environment the happier and more fulfilled they will be. For this reason Montessori learning environments are both indoor and outdoor, they incorporate activities that reflect real life, and all the activities are designed to be attractive, interesting and appealing to the senses. The Montessori approach to learning is set apart from mainstream education which doesn’t give much importance to the learning environment, and tends to control and restrict children’s freedom, movement and interactions with their surroundings.