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School Management

Nathasassi Warittanatejcho (AMI)

Founder & 
Executive Director


I am the founder and executive director at CMMIS. Since I opened the school in 2010 I have covered many of the roles, from leading a class (Children’s House) to driving the school bus!


Although my first love is teaching and experiencing the joy of learning first hand, I am also passionate about building a team that can help the school reach its full potential and also develop the services we offer to families to ensure continued growth into the future. 

Satid Keuanwang

Thai School Director


I am  Mr. Satid Keuanwang, and I am deeply passionate about fostering educational success for our learners.


My goal is to create an environment where students thrive and become lifelong learners, all while working to enhance and develop our school into a place of joy and growth.


Drawing upon over a decade of experience in teaching, I am excited to contribute my expertise to the school’s management team. I am well-prepared to leverage my knowledge and skills to drive continuous improvement within our school.


Together, we can work towards making our school a place where students thrive and become lifelong learners.

Roy Lewis

Head of School


I was approached by CMMIS in June 2022 to help it develop and expand from the very successful base it has had these past twelve years.


I graduated from the University of Manchester (UK) with a BA, Geography and I was one of the first to enrol in the University of Bath’s ‘Masters in International Education’ programme.


I have been fortunate throughout my career to experience many different educational systems and cultures, having worked in a variety of schools in South Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.


I enjoy working with my fellow teaching colleagues who are so dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching and learning, thereby encouraging me to maintain the passion I have for education.


Outside of education I am an avid traveller and wildlife enthusiast, with a particular love of elephants.


I am also a long time Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society(UK) and Arsenal supporter.

Olivia Bova (AMI)

Academic Co-ordinator

My name is Olivia Bova. I am a Citizen of the World. I have lived and worked for 23 years abroad (Canada, Norway, Switzerland, France, USA, UK, China, Spain, Africa, and Vietnam) as a Counselor, Academic Director, and Atelierista.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with Emphasis on Dance & Drama, Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology, and Human Resources Talents Management. 

I have a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor Certificate from The Chopra Center, a Postgraduate in Illustration  Children’s Books, and a 3-6 Montessori Diploma from Association Montessori International (AMI). 

I am specialized in Social-Emotional Learning, Body Clinic, and Expressive Therapies with over fifteen years of worldwide experience.

I enjoy working in education, helping children grow up, supporting educational staff, and being supportive of parents.

I am grateful to be part of Chiang Mai Montessori International School as an Academic Coordinator. 


Kru. Aom (AMS)

Lead Teacher

Toddler Community

My name is Aom. I have been working as a teacher in the Toddler community at Chiang Mai Montessori
school for 6 years. I received a Bachelor degree from Prince of Songkla University and earned my AMS
(American Montessori Society) Early Childhood Education credential from Westside Montessori school
in New York. Working with children has always been a great passion of mine. I love seeing them grow
and help them fulfill their potential. I am happy to work at this school because of the nice working
environment and my colleagues are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work.

Kru. Lynn (AMI)

Lead Teacher

Children's House

I came to Chiang Mai Montessori International School with over 25 years of experience working

as a Montessori Primary teacher. I fell in love with Montessori education after working as an

assistant in one of the Montessori schools in my hometown. I earned my diploma in Primary

Montessori Education from the Foundation for the Advancement of Montessori Education in the

Philippines (FAMEP), which is affiliated with the Montessori Institute in Denver, Colorado.

In my free time, I like to stay home and watch my favorite shows or movies. I also enjoy going

out to eat at new restaurants.

One of my favorite quotes from Maria Montessori is “The greatest sign of success for a teacher … is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist”. 

Kru. Asela (AMI)

Lead Teacher

Children's House

Hello, my name is Asela De Vicente. I would like to tell you about myself and how I came to be a Montessori teacher.
I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Biology from Central Philippine University, Iloilo, Philippines. I came from a family of educators. I started loving Montessori Philosophy when I started working in a
Montessori school in Singapore in 2009. Then I became a certified AMI Montessori Directress.
I completed my training from R.T.I. Montessori Training Centre at Mumbai, India. I have been teaching
children to love learning for over a decade and have grown deeply with joy and pride teaching the
Montessori way wherein you see children develop their life skills and enjoy learning independently.

Kru. Jenny (AMI)

Lead Teacher

Children's House

Hello, my name is Yingbo(Jenny) Zhou. I hold a master’s degree from Zhejiang University and I received the AMI diploma in SIMS, Arizona, USA.


Before becoming a Montessori guide, I was a university teacher in China and from there I realized the importance of early childhood education to children and families. Thus I switched my career to early childhood education and set up a preschool in China. The more I work with the children, the deeper my understanding of the role of a lead guide in the classroom becomes. A Montessori guide is a facilitator who journeys alongside children in the process of learning, and guides them toward their innate human potential.


“I saw it, I forgot, I heard it, I remember, I did it, I understand.” and “help me do it by myself.” are two of my favorite quotes from Maria Montessori in the classroom.

Kru. Tarunya (AMI)

Lead Teacher


Born and raised in India, I have a degree in Business Management and a postgraduate degree in Public Relations. After discovering my passion for teaching, I shifted my career path and received training at both the primary and elementary levels with AMI.


With over a decade of teaching experience in Montessori schools across India and Canada, I believe in empowering children to embark on their own unique learning journeys. I have worked with students from diverse backgrounds, representing over 15+ nationalities, and I tailor my teaching approaches to meet the needs of each individual learner.


In addition to my teaching expertise, I have completed the AMI Administrators Course, equipping me with leadership and administrative skills that enhance my effectiveness in educational settings.


Committed to continuous professional growth, I have also completed the IB Primary Years programme, gaining invaluable insights in international education.


Outside of the classroom, I find joy in exploring different cultures through travel and food. Yoga is my go to activity and I love experimenting with different art forms, nurturing my body and mind.


Happy to be a part of the CMMIS family!

Kru. Nut

Assistant Teacher

Children's House

Hello everyone! My name is Nunthanut but you can call me Ms. Nut.


I am 33 years old and I graduated from the faculty of Education.


I have been working at Chiangmai Montessori school as a teacher assistant in CH3 for 8 years. I have had the pleasure of assisting class alongside 4 different trained Montessori teachers and I have learned so much in that time. 


I’m so happy to come to work at CMMIS. Our teachers and staff are very nice and the children make me smile and laugh all the time.


If anyone needs assistance I’m very willing to help and I’ll do my best!

Kru. Da

Assistant Teacher

Children's House

Hello everyone! My name is Suda or you can call me Ms. Da. I am 25 years old and I graduated from Chiangmai University in the faculty of English humanities. I have been working at Chiangmai Montessori school as a teacher assistant in CH2 for one year. I love Chiangmai Montessori School because everyone is very nice and supportive. I feel like it is my second home. I love being around the children and I am trying my best to support and assist them with their needs. Thank you!

Kru. Nang

Assistant Teacher


I am Ms. Philawan Sinwal also known as Ms. Nang. With a background in English Literature and

humanities, I have been working in the lower elementary classroom for the past 5 years and enjoy the

enthusiasm and curiosity among children.

Kru. Sang

Thai Teacher

Hello my name is Ms. Sang. I have been working in Chiangmai Montessori School for five years. I
started working as a teacher assistant and Thai teacher in Children House (CH2). Currently, I am working as a full Thai teacher. I love Montessori education because children can choose their work independently.

Kru. Julia

English Teacher

I am Julia from Alaska, USA, and I have been a kindergarten teacher in Chiang Mai for 7 years. I love
teaching hands-on projects focused on nature, art and the sciences. I consider Chiang Mai my long-term home and love to explore the North of Thailand on the weekends. Outside of school, I make pottery at a local studio and work on my garden every day.

Miss. Emma Nunn

Speech & Language Therapist

Mr. Jamal Amidu

Sport & Coaching

I’m Mr. Jamal and I love teaching physical education! As a former professional football player I am passionate about fostering an environment where all students feel at ease experimenting with their athletic prowess, building confidence and learning to work as a team. 

I want our children to develop a lifelong practice of physical fitness, a love of sport, and to understand the link between a healthy lifestyle and and well-being, fulfillment and success in life.

I received my degree from the University of Ghana in Winneba, and right now I’m participating in the Association Montessori Internationale UK’s online PE teacher training program.

I am confident that with our combined efforts, we can inspire a generation of strong, confident, and active individuals. Let’s have a fantastic year of learning and growth!

Miss. Bhu



Miss Aomjai

Accounts Manager

Miss. Annie

Visa & Registration

Miss. Bhu

Visa & Registration

Miss. Vivian

Admissions & 
Family Liaison