Meet the Founder

Nathasassi Techo (AMI)

Founder & Head of School

Khru Aer 2

Background to the Chiang Mai Montessori School

Chiang Mai Montessori International School is situated in the heart of the community in which the Founder, Khun Nathasassi Warittanadejcho (Khru Aer), was born and raised.


Khru Aer loved working with children from an early age and always knew she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. After graduating from university with a teaching major, she worked at various kindergartens around Chiang Mai, but none offered what she was looking for.


During a visit to Chiang Rai, she discovered Montessori education and was totally amazed by what she saw: children from diverse backgrounds working independently and with genuine enjoyment! The focus and concentration of the children and the calm, harmonious atmosphere in the classroom were completely different to anything she had seen before. This was what Montessori teachers refer to as ‘the epiphany moment: for many teachers and parents – or anyone who works with children – seeing an alternative approach to education for the first time can be a genuinely life changing experience.


Ms. Aer studied Montessori at the world renowned AMI teacher training college in London, England. Building commenced on the school you see today in 2010 and opened the same year. Chiang Mai Montessori School has been built and financed by Aer and her family alone.