Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attend CMMIS?

There are approximately 100 students currently enrolled in the school

How many teachers and students are in each Montessori Classroom?

The ‘Toddler Community’ (1-3 Years old) has up to 12 children and 2 teachers per class. 

The ‘Childrens House’ (3-6 Years old) has upto 25 children and 2 teachers per class. 

The ‘Elementary’ has up to 25 children (6-12 Years old) and 2 teachers.

Are the teachers at CMMIS (Association Montessori Internationale) AMI trained?

Yes, each Montessori Classroom has at least one AMI lead guide, assistant guides are experienced qualified teachers.

What is the daily school schedule?

8:30 – 8:45am   – Drop-off time 

9:00 – 11.45am – Morning Montessori Workcycle (including snacks) 

11:45 – 1.15pm – Lunch & Play

1.15 – 2.45pm   – PM Montessori Workcycle or other afternoon activities.

        (Nap time for Toddlers).

2:45 – 3:00pm   – Snack Time

3:00 – 3:15 pm  – Pick-up time.

Do the children have extra curricular activities during school hours and do they cost extra?

The children have a variety of activities during school hours in the PM Workcycle 1:15-2:45pm. These currently include Farm, P.E & Library (Inclusive of school fee). ESL (English Supplementary Learning) and CSL (Chinese Second Language) are optional at extra cost.

What is ESL?

at CMMIS we do not just turn children away because their English is not of a high enough standard, instead we offer extra support at school: ESL (English Supplementary Learning) is available to help your child develop their English language skills in a small intensive class, enabling them to benefit fully in the Montessori Classroom

What is CSL?

CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) is an optional extra class should you wish for your child to excel in another language. These classes are small and intensive and offer a fun alternative whilst carefully scheduled so as not to miss out on other key afternoon activities.

How many Montessori Classrooms are at CMMIS?

We currently have 5 Classrooms at the school.

(2 Toddler Communities, 2 Children’s Houses, 1 Elementary Class).

What do the students need to bring to school each day?

Clothing – One set of spare clothes that are comfortable to move in and easy to take on and off. 

Comfortable, sturdy shoes. – Boots for Farm days. 

Two of their favourite milks or drink boxes and a water bottle if desired. 

A backpack to store their things. – If your child is in the Toddler Community a small blanket and pillow is recommended.

Are there after-school activities at CMMIS?

There are a wide variety of after- school activities at extra cost, these currently include: Football, Ballet, Thai Language, English Language, Chinese Language, Hip-Hop and much more. (each Term an updated selection will be available).

How do I apply for my child to enrol at CMMIS?

If you would like your child to enrol please email:, we can then arrange an appointment for you to visit the school for a tour, observe a classroom in action, familiarise yourself with Montessori and see if our school is right for you!