Toddler Community

1.5 - 3yrs

Toddler Curriculum

For many children, this is their first learning experience outside the home. In a Toddler community the child will learn how to relate to adults and other children. During this early stage, children literally absorb the life around them, so we pay particular attention to the classroom environment, sounds they will hear, and the objects they will see and touch. The link between the child and nature is vital from the beginning of life. Plants and animals are brought into the classroom whenever possible. With kindness and respect, we introduce the real world as they learn through constructive activities, imitation, role modeling, repetition and a consistent routine.

All teaching is in English and children are exposed to a rich vocabulary of words in a variety of learning contexts: one-to-one work with the teacher, group work, songs and with each other. Children whose parents would like them to have more exposure to Thai in the classroom can work more closely with the Thai speaking assistants.

The goal of our program is to provide a nurturing environment where children can grow and develop at their own pace. The warm and relaxed atmosphere is ideal for your child’s first learning experience.


The toddler curriculum focus:

• Practical Life • Language • Physical Development

All activities connected with looking after oneself and one’s surroundings belong to what Dr. Montessori called “Practical Life”. Its main areas are care of the person (dressing, washing hands, food preparation), care of indoor and outdoor environments (sweeping, washing cloths, gardening) and grace and courtesy (walking in the classroom, offering food, saying “please” and “thank you").

Practical Life



Children are born with the potential for developing language. It is the child’s opportunities of interaction provided within the environment, that determine how fully a child develops his or her potential. We provide activities that involve real and familiar objects which are verbally introduced as well as to put into use in an activity. Matching cards, books, music to incorporate body language and a peaceful and open space for children to express themselves freely and have conversations with each other.

Cultural Activities

Music and song play a significant role in young children’s development. Percussion instruments are introduced for the children to use, recordings are listened to and songs learned and enjoyed daily. Children are also introduced to local customs as well as local Thai language.
Chaing Mai Montessori School Toddlers 2


We use wooden puzzles and equipment as much as possible. Everything is carefully displayed on low shelves to invite the child to use them and to appeal to the sense of order in the child. Specially designed Montessori material encourages different discoveries through all the senses.
Chaing Mai Montessori School Toddlers
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